There is only one spiral anchor referred to in the British Riding Club Section of the Stewards Handbook for British Eventing for the secure anchoring of portable cross country fences – and that’s the Spirafix system.

It’s well established as a secure fastening because it’s tried, its tested, it’s well used and easy to install. As the anchor and bracket system is reusable it represents great value for money.

The Spirafix system is also widely used for securely anchoring the framework for polytunnels of all shapes and sizes, for all types of field shelters including pig arcs and for tethering vines and securing tarpaulins over hay and straw stacks.

Ideal for:

Mobile Cross Country Jumps

The excellent and well used anchor and bracket combination for mobile cross country jumps continues to be a best seller. Widely regarded as THE best solution for securing mobile jumps – the Spirafix Solution passed all necessary testing, carried out an the Annual Course Builders Forum at Burghley Horse Trials.

Spirafix is the ONLY tried and tested ground anchor referred to in the FEI Eventing Cross Country Course Design Guidelines.

Mobile Field Shelters

Most field shelters are made of wood which can be easily moved throughout the year. Spirafix Ground Anchors have the solution – 4 solid head anchors and 4 through slot brackets. Easy to transport, easy to use, easy to remove and therefore fully reusable, Spirafix field shelter secure anchoring solution has continued to prove very successful year after year.

Timber Buildings

If you have a timber building or log cabin you may be looking for an alternative way of securing it to the ground – Spirafix have a great solution. Spirafix anchors have been used to hold down and hold up timber buildings of all sizes and the 50mm anchor range is most likely the solution you need – together with the SA342 3 hole joist support bracket, this solution is a great alternative to traditional methods.

Pig Arcs

Whilst most pig arks are solidly built and relatively heavy, due to their design they can be susceptible to high wind conditions. Whether you are a commercial farmer or small holder Spirafix Ground Anchors have a simple and secure system for fixing pig or animal arks into position. Because our anchors are easy to install and can be removed they can be reused time and again making them a sound investment in the short and long term. Many breeds need their homes moved frequently so having a simple and secure system is a must. They are easy to transport to difficult or muddy locations requiring no heavy plant or machinery to install them.


Whether you have a domestic or commercial polytunnel Spirafix Ground Anchors have a simple solution that is reusable and environmentally sensitive. Easy to install, remove and reuse, the Spirafix system requires no digging of holes and as such there is no spoil to dispose of.

Hay and Straw Stacks

Spirafix solid head anchor and through slot tethering bracket are a safe, secure, simple and reusable way on ensuring that tarpaulin stays in position during the winter months.

For more information on the Spirafix range of ground anchors, visit the Spirafix website, or contat us to discuss your needs.